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    Ghnty5 reacted to OfficerFive0 in Zmodeler 3 crack error   
    i believe this is your problem
    "zmodeler 3.1.2 crack"
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    Ghnty5 reacted to Asuna in els light colours help   
    no, i need all the cars, in order to map the part of the light the texture is for, i need to go in, change all the lights to random colors, and then mark which ones are which then see what i can do
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    Ghnty5 got a reaction from TheCanadianDream in Can someone make me a car skin?   
    Would someone be willing to make me a RCMP Supervisor Skin for this vehicle
    Thanks in advance
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    Ghnty5 reacted to CouthInk4 in spawning help   
    Your topic has been moved to GTA V Support, this is not LSPDFR related.
    Please post in the correct location in the future.
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    Ghnty5 reacted to Mrcento in entire game speed faster then normal. Please help   
    I've heard playing on certain drugs gives that effect... hopefully you can rule that one out ;)
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    Ghnty5 reacted to HBengtson in Vehicle doors wont close anymore   
    So the exit style changes the way that you get out of the car. A typeshrt is hwn you tap the f key, and typlong is when you hold down the f key. In this case, tap the f key makes the player exit the vehicle with the engine on and the door stays open. Holding the f key makes the player exit the vehicle with the engine on, but he will close the door.
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    Ghnty5 reacted to TheDude in Unmarked Dodge CHALLENGER   
    there was a pretty good model that was modded into GTA IV that I am surprised has not been brought over yet.

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    Ghnty5 reacted to PNWParksFan in Unmarked Dodge CHALLENGER   
    The request is a dodge challenger, not a dodge charger though. 
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