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I am a script developer for Grand Theft Auto IV and V. I have been developing since 2011, when I began my first very simple scripts. I am the author of PoliceMenu, PoliceMenu V, Roadside Assistance V, FDLS Menu, and LS D.O.T. I occasionally dabble in texture design, as I have released a few skins, as well as an Indiana State Police texture pack. 


You might also be able to find some of my Grand Theft Auto modding tools, such as Mod Creator, or my software leaning towards role-play like Liberty Crime Information Center (LCIC). And finally, you might come across some of my content when looking for code samples, or templates, when it comes to modding!


I am always happy to help people begin, or progress, in modding, so if you do have any questions, never hesitate to send me a message!

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