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  1. skillsforilz

    Fps drop with gtx 960 4gb and i5 4590 3.3ghz

    If you're using the Safer Chases plugin, that's why. It causes serious FPS drop. Also, RagePluginHOOK itself causes FPS drop.
  2. skillsforilz

    GTA V Crash on Startup With New Update

  3. skillsforilz

    RageHook Updated - Game Version not supported

    Then you're not running the latest version of RagePluginHOOK or your game is not updated to the latest version.
  4. skillsforilz

    RageHook Updated - Game Version not supported

    You need to manually select the most updated version of GTA V and then save and run.
  5. skillsforilz

    RageHook Updated - Game Version not supported

    Hold shift after double clicking ragehook to open the settings. Go to the advanced settings tab and go to revert game version. Make sure you have the latest version of the game ticked and not a previous version. Also, if you updated LSPDFR, the manual installer comes with an outdated version of RPH (version .36) so make sure you are running RPH 0.39.
  6. My game has been crashing upon startup with the latest update and latest RPH update. My game is able to boot up just fine if I don't boot it up with RPH, but every time I load my game with the latest RPH, it crashes upon starting up. I don't see any crash logs in my directory and nothing pops up from RPH giving me a crash log after it crashes. I just get that Rockstar Social thing that pops up saying the game crashed. I have tried updating my update.rpf with OpenIV. I've updated all the mods that have been updated, including LSPDFR and have the latest version of both RPH and ScriptHookV. Below is a imgur album link to my directory: http://imgur.com/a/LYnkw Okay as I'm typing this I do see the RagePluginHOOK.log so I'll paste it here. Thank you to anyone who can help me with my issue.
  7. skillsforilz

    Blaine County Sheriff Pack (Orange Co.)

    I'm having the same issues as other people where my lightbar is glitched out. The front lights work, the back lights work, but the lightbar on top just flashes a clear light on only the left side. Idk how to fix this. I've tried everything you've mentioned like changing out the emerglights from the glass folder and changing the siren settings and nothing has made any difference. And idk how, if this is what is causing it, where a conflicting carvaration.meta file would be because I've redownloaded all the previous sheriff models I've used and none of them had me download a new carvaration.meta. I'm kinda at a loss here :/
  8. skillsforilz

    LSPDFR Computer+

    This is a MUST HAVE mod. Like holy hell is this nice. I wish I could rate this higher than a 5/5.
  9. skillsforilz

    Your best LSPDFR screenshots?

    These are a few new screenshots I've taken since I've upgraded from a GTX 650 2GB to a GTX 970 4GB SC.
  10. skillsforilz

    Realistic American Sirens

    I'm trying to install the latest update but I don't understand whatsoever what this means. " In that folder, replace all the files in \vehicles with the .wav files from this siren mod you're installing. "
  11. Do you have the most updated version of Vehicle Search Mod? Because this seems to be missing features included in the most updated .ini file such as DisplayVehicleToSearch and NavigateToPosition. I'm also having the issue where I can't search vehicles, not sure if that has to do with having a modifier key with this .ini file. I also noticed some of your .ini file has things in a different order than the original, updated .ini file.
  12. skillsforilz

    2013 Los Santos Police FPI

    Nvm I got it all working now, love the car. I think the issue was I didn't have my shader quality on high or above but I got a new graphics card yesterday so I can play the game on max settings with ENB mods.
  13. skillsforilz

    2013 Los Santos Police FPI

    I do have Radiance V.
  14. skillsforilz

    2013 Los Santos Police FPI

    is it just me or are the lights really dim?