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    AronJones reacted to Shanekippel49 in LSPDFR scripts loading   
    Well i've been playing the game for well over 6 month's. It has to be one of the Plug in's. Have you tried removing them from the gtav folder and launching the game adding one at a time
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    AronJones reacted to Azteco in GTA V loading problems   
    Just recently a few plugins were updated again this weekend back to this thursday I would apply those that updated and see if any change occurs. If not my own next step would be to unload all the plugins and go one by one with game play until the problem returned showing itself snd knowing what what ca using the issue.
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    AronJones got a reaction from coastiestevie in GTA V loading problems   
    In the last day or so, Rage Plugin has been generating a log with the message appearing if that will help
    Rage Plugin Crash.txt
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    AronJones got a reaction from coastiestevie in GTA V loading problems   
    I have about 6 scripts running but i very much doubt that's the issue to be honest, if I play GTA V by itself it runs perfectly with no problems and the issue first started when I got LSPDFR 0.3 couple of weeks back 
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    AronJones reacted to YourWorstNightmare in Rage Plugin v28 crashing   
    I know, I was talking to 06abrahb. I'm having the same issue, too, and can't get my game to start.
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    AronJones reacted to 06abrahb in Rage Plugin v28 crashing   
    I have the same problem... every time I load Ragehook, the game will load and then when it finishes, it shows me as Michael but the camera is spinning around all crazy and Michael is jumping all over the screen like he's clipping through the game... eventually he will die and will spawn at the hospital and the same thing continues to happen. I know its the Ragehook program and not the plugins but I guess there's no way to fix it without an update right?
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    AronJones reacted to Unknown Soldier in Rage Plugin v28 crashing   
    Having this problem too, only thing I can think is literally every new script download is blocked, so DLLs and regular configs xmls etc. everything including some new audio for LSPDFR scanner, I went in and unblocked all of those, with the exception of a few traffic police audio files as I didn't wanna waste more time going through each one unblocking in properties.. gonna try this and see if it works, Favignano was playing the Tornado mod just fine yesterday, so hopefully I can get it to work, I really wanna try that mod haha, but even before the update, everything was going good on RAGE 26 then one day it started crashing, didn't touch any addons or update but the whole HOOK crashed, same thing is happening, it loads the callouts as I can hear them then just before it goes in game RAGE crashes and all it says is HOOK, not a specific plugin so don't know what the issue is, maybe unblocking everything I did will help I don't know hope so though!
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    AronJones reacted to firedog9110 in Rage Plugin v28 crashing   
    Im having the same problem?? Must be a Ragehook issue...
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    AronJones reacted to Kilyin in Rage Plugin v28 crashing   
    That looks like a game crash. Do you have a lot of car mods installed, particularly, addon cars? What happens if you launch the game with no mods?
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    AronJones reacted to Neoks in Rage Plugin v28 crashing   
    Same problem since the update... :(
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    AronJones reacted to espnty in Rage Plugin v28 crashing   
    There are a few issues with Ragehook 0.28 And they are aware of these issues I am told, Mine crashes anywhere from 5 mins to hour. Mine says, Game system Memory restart the game!! Hopefully all with be fixed with New Ragehook or LCPDFR 0.03
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    AronJones reacted to Double Doppler in GTA V won't even load after update   
    After installing the update (I was more or less forced too), my GTA V won't even load. Regardless of whether I start the game with the RAGE plugin shortcut (which I subsequently updated to RH 28) or from Steam, it won't load. I checked if the process was running in task-manager and it was indeed so (using up ~ 75,000KB of memory or so). However I'm still at desktop.
    I do not use a 'mods' folder to install my mods but I do have several car/ped modifications and skins installed. I also have a few scripts in my folder however I doubt that's the root of the problem as I've started it up in Steam as I stated (which doesn't launch the RAGE script loader).
    Anyone able to help?
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