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  1. Figuered it out, so if you used the OIV just go into OPEN IV the regular file's not the mods folder. Copy the original EXTRATITLEUPDATEDDATA.META & DLCLIST.XML onto your desktop and then merge them into your mods folder. I think this is where the problem is with the OIV. Only took me 4 hours to figure out but atleast not i can play my game. PFC U.S. ARMY
  3. Tried it myself no luck, question...any of you have a mods folder? I have a mods folder and for some reason there is a mods folder within the mods folder. Perhaps there is an issue with which folder the game is loading?
  4. Great concept. Love it however i would like the option to remain in my PPV instead of changing cars when doing the escort. Secondly, i can never get the Limo to follow me directly, for instance from the airport i lose them at the ramp, they try to back up and get stuck blocking the entire road. Thirdly when red dots appear they are glitchy are unable to be cleaned off the map even when killed. Last but not least With all these bugs i am often forced to hit end and try to force a new callout however it doesn't allow me to force end the call out nor allow me to engage a new call out. Help!!!!!!? I hate having to restart the game every time i try this call out.
    Wheres the INI folder would love to change frequency of the call outs.
    Overall great mod. I like the idea of a partner however everytime i get into some shit IE pursuit's, shots fired it forces LSPDFR to crash. I have tried unloading all other mods and the problem still continues. Any idea on the course of action i should take?
  5. what version of rage hook are you running? Download the new 0.28 on the RageHook site. then get back to me
  6. Theres a bug in the new ragehook 0.28. working to fix it.
  7. Have you updated to 0.28? If not do so...If still crashing contact Rage Hook directly
  8. press F4 to the drop down consol and tye reload all plugins. That should work.
  9. I had to update my rage because steam updated gta again. Upon updatuing from .26 to .28 the RageHook start up file was deleted, further more i cannot even transfer .28 from the original folder to the GTA folder, i keeping getting a compressed fil error. I have tried to unzip and its always the same issue. Is the file corrupt? is there anyone else having these issues.
  10. How the freak do i copy from the .28 file to the GTA folder if i cant de-compress the file. Everytime i try it refuses to copy over. And there isnt a start up file.
  11. I'm so confused, theres no file in the folder....all there is are photros of the skin. No folder to add to open iv. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
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