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  1. BlaineBug

    Real LAPD/LACS Liveries

    Thanks for the response, better late than never. I had found one or two photos on the net of an all white LAPD vehicle. However, the LAPD Charger in question actually needed to have the body color changed to BLACK for the black and livery to display in game properly. So, it was never intended to be an all white car. This is the only vehicle model that required me to change the body color for some reason, the rest of my models seemed to work as is. Anyway, I fixed that a long time ago. But thanks again :)
  2. Thank you, I will look in to it.
  3. I mean, can you add more cars to spawn, not just replace? Like if I could have all of my models, or a significant portion of them, randomly spawning?
  4. Any way to incorporate add-on cars? I have about 50-60 custom cars installed, so that's at least 35 add-on models.
  5. BlaineBug


    This is good news. I will be downloading!
  6. BlaineBug


    In the latest version, have the grilles been untied from being an extra?
  7. BlaineBug

    [ELS] [ADDED FPIS] LSPD Sedan Pack!

    You need to edit the carvariations file for whicher slot you put the Charger in to. Are you using Police2? I had to do the same thing, and set the vehicle color to BLACK in the carvariations file.
  8. BlaineBug

    [ELS] 2008 Ford F-350 UNMARKED

    I also notice that the SCENE LIGHTS on this truck activate the tool box in the truck bed as well as antennas on the roof. Obviously ELS is controlling EXTRAS that aren't lights. Although they do put out an illumination beneath the truck. Can this please be fixed?
  9. BlaineBug

    2016 Unmarked SRT PotatoCat

    This model appears to only be BLACK, as I cannot change the color in the trainer. Is this correct or did I do something wrong?
  10. BlaineBug

    Modding DLC Pack V

    What FLAGS do you have for these add on vehicles? Can you copy and paste the FLAGS line from vehicles.meta?
  11. BlaineBug

    [ELS] 2008 Ford F550 Wrecker

    I am using this as an add-on model with its own carvariations and vehicles.meta entry. I have done the same for 50 other add-on vehicles that all work. However, I am unable to ENTER this model. What am I doing wrong or what else do I need to change?
  12. Do you know if the textures are compatible with the F550 Wrecker made by Thero? It has a different lightbar than the model in your description (although I have that model as well.)
  13. I installed this model as an add-on. What do I have to edit to be able to enter the vehicle? For whatever reason, I am unable to enter this vehicle. Thanks!
  14. Is it possible to use more than one tow truck model for each category? For example, two different models for towtruck and two different models for flatbed?
  15. Maybe in a future update more customization would be allotted to the user. I also notice that there is an issue with LED and strobe coronas (not halogen), it seems as if the flash pattern is biased to one light more than the other, sometimes it steady burns in between flashes. It's odd.