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  1. Nice skin, might be worth doing a version with the NOOSE logo instead of DHS? Also you spelled it 'Boarder' on the gas cap
  2. gavind85

    San Andreas happenings

    Just more random patrol pictures...
  3. have you tried using a modified gameconfig file from gta5-mods they helped me when I had that problem before
  4. If it crashes when it says populating world then try downloading one of the modified gameconfig files from gta5-mods
  5. Im having similar issues, if i go to stage 3 with the NYPD pack i have installed then the coronas on the lightbar show but none of the extras are working to make the lights show properly, i can switch them on manually in a trainer its almost like ELS has lost the ability to switch car extras on and off for the lights. Its even more noticable on LED lightbars when nothing shows?
  6. I'm having very similar issues by the sounds of things, the ui works and allows me to select the stages but the'extras' aren't showing, coronas from the lights in for example the nypd pack show though, I'll try uninstalling Asi loader but it hasn't helped so far
  7. I did I was able to find some files that added additional peds and managed to work it from that let me see if I can find the original file and I will message you with it
  8. Loving the work you're doing the furthest I have got with carcols is editing a custom headlight flash pattern, anything beyond that and I start breaking things!
  9. Damn Desmond you are spoiling us a Rambulance FPIU and the one I really can't wait for the AS350 awesome work Thankyou!
  10. Damn all that time I've spent putting extra peds and vehicles in and I'm going replace it all when this comes out because you guys have done the same but got it looking even better than I have managed!
  11. Might be worth talk to @Yard1 about the USCG ped I'm sure I saw he had something almost exactly like you described that's being put in RDE 3.0
  12. The only thing is to make sure that if you add thes you put them in the rde folder so they essentially 'overwrite' the originals, if you want to add completely new vehicles with their own name i recommend looking for the mod police and ems as addon, it will allow for a greater variety of vehicles across the game, if you use that with say custom backup locations by PNWfan then you can have your new models respond as backup for you as well no matter the name it just needs setting in the ini file
  13. Message me, I would love to have better images to work from and will of course credit you on release
  14. So after a few requests from my Cencom UI, I am making good progress, I think, with my Smart Siren UI - any feedback greatly appreciated...
  15. Anyone know where I can find the peds.meta section for the paramedic, I want to add a new standalone ped to spawn with ambulances in the countryside?
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