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  1. Guys ( and girls) your work is really amazing, i don't think we can be anything else than excited when we see and read what you planned for us ! Thanks so much for the time and work you put in this project ! (And sorry for my bad English)
  2. hi, it's fixed ! really Thanks for your help.
  3. hi, here are the folders, and sorry for the late response !
  4. Hi, No i Don't have, i dont know where it came from
  5. Hello everyone, i'm having some trouble playing with lspdfr, it crash when i get in model selection or vehicule selection, and i can't figure why. before that i had one month playing witout any problems. Here is my Rph log. Thanks if you can help me. (And sorry for my English i'm french).
  6. hello, it does the same for me is it still no solutions ? @PeterU
  7. it does the same for me, does anyone know how to resolve this ..?
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