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  1. AmericanBagel

    Code 3 Pursuit Lightbar (Dev Model) 1.0

    Any chance making it ELS compat?
  2. AmericanBagel

    Scuds' CA stuff

    yeah i know departments use clear arjents im saying nobody in the lspdfr community uses clear arjents....my local sheriff on east coast used to use clear arjents until they switched to valors.....YES MAKE ONE
  3. AmericanBagel

    Scuds' CA stuff

    ive never seen anyone make a clear arjent
  4. AmericanBagel

    Can someone help me identify this lightbar?

    Thanks guys so much!
  5. Any ideas? they used to used 2700s on their CVPIs but then went to taurus with these. Any help would be awesome
  6. AmericanBagel

    Baltimore County Police

    The neighboring pd is very small. Like less than 30 officers. They bought chargers cuz all the crownvics they had were all old hamme downs from early 2000s. The cheif uses an unmarked charger. They said they lovem. Its a small town. They said comparatively speaking, the chargers were the least expensive to buy, outfit, and maintain so thats why they went with them
  7. AmericanBagel

    Baltimore County Police

    A neighboring department uses chargers and from what they say they lovem
  8. AmericanBagel

    Baltimore County Police

    Yeah I know. My state police love the FPIUs because of the pursuit rating. But as for the FPIs. I dont know man.. Thats not my call. Persoanally I would have FPIUs and Chargers but thats not my call to make. I just get taxed to shit so they can buy new cars. Its not that I dont like Taurus's but I guess they just wanted an all ford fleet.
  9. AmericanBagel

    New To Zmodeler

    So, Im extremely new to modding. I have never done it before. So this is like a big leap for me. Tonight I spent the time trying all by myself to convert BxBugs CVPI Go Rhino Wraparound and his Setina Partition. No. I am not releasing these to the public. As do I not have his permision. I simply attempted to convert these over from 4 to 5 as a learning experience. So the steps I took, so far... 1. Convert the .wft to a .z3d 2. Open the .z3d into zmodeler 3 3. Do this thing with the lods...im not particularly sure what its called but i clicked and dragged and dropped a few things regarding lods 4. Textures to the best of my ability. I used decal for most crap that i didnt know what to do with. and thats about as far as i got for tonight...I made this so fellow NOOBS like myself can teach and learn from each other and for you MLG PROS out there to teach some people. Correct our mistakes. Etc. this is not a topic to be rude to one another about how your doing everything wrong and such. This is so people who are new can learn and people that are experienced can teach. Please if anyone sees this help me out with the rest of the process it would be greatly appreciated. Help US out. I have found no good tutorial for begineers. And would love for someone to start speaking a language I know. Oh heres a screenshot of the partition
  10. AmericanBagel

    Baltimore County Police CVPI Texture

    Another Update. My gf and i had a fight today. Plus tomorrow is our 2 month. And my power went out during a storm so i lost the tahoe texture...which was almost done... so i have not been able to really work on anything the past day...tomorrow i will be able to work on the tahoe 4k and cvpi 4k...but only a little bit...then her and i are going somewhere sunday..so expect the textures by tuesday the latest..then ill start with a mdsp textures(might do a pack idk) that includes tahoe, fpiu, impalla, cvpi, and a bunch of different model year chargers..yes...no fpi...i hate the current fpis and their templates,,,when a decent one comes out ill make one
  11. no problem...sadly i want to convert one but i dont have funds for zmodeler 2
  12. AmericanBagel

    Anyone want to make a car pack with me?

    hmmmm...we could learn together. split up the pack maybe. i could take the crown vic and youd take the suburban. or something like that
  13. AmericanBagel

    Baltimore County Police CVPI Texture

    I tried making a Taurus Texture. It was Meh at best. Until a newer model year taurus comes out im not to sure ill make one. It all depends, Currently working on Tahoe(Yes I know they use suburbans and not tahoes) in 4k! So expect that out today and expect a 4k updated version of the CVPI done today aswell. And if you havnt seen my post in the forums about making BaltCo PD Spec cars check it out. Cuz id love some help!