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  1. C35Signal1

    RPH crashing on startup

    It's not even making it into the game. I get the black screen as if it is about to start loading but it just hangs there. Only thing I can think I changed is that I added a vehicle, but that shouldn't be preventing RPH from functioning at all. I'm going to try reinstalling LSPDFR and RPH. I already reinstalled RPH but that did nothing. More specifically, RPH is saying "hooking game instance" and then "enjoy" and slides to the bottom left corner, and then I get the black GTA V screen that never goes anywhere.
  2. C35Signal1

    RPH crashing on startup

    LSPDFR was working mostly fine yesterday (except GTA V would always crash the first time I started RPH but worked on subsequent attempts), but today I cant get into the game at all with RPH. Can someone look at my log file and see what might be wrong? Regular singleplayer still loads fine. New Text Document.txt
  3. C35Signal1

    Emergency Lighting System

    I'm an idiot. Thought I had installed everything needed, but reread the install guide and realized I somehow skipped over the scripthook dll. All good now.
  4. C35Signal1

    Emergency Lighting System

    I also cant get the ELS controls to work in game. None of the clicking noises. Lights aren't working on my vehicles either. I reinstalled ELS but nada. I'm stuck with the default siren activation with CTRL.
  5. C35Signal1

    Los Santos Police Department Mega Pack [ELS]

    Vehicles look nice but the lights are not working for me. I've reinstalled ELS and copied the VCFs back to pack_default but still nothing. I might get one light on steady burn if I'm lucky. Brake lights work though. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  6. C35Signal1

    Crash on Startup RDH

    I was having this problem and renaming to _mods worked for me, but now it seems my vehicle/siren mod is now out of the picture. Is that intentional or should it still be working? *Edit* Hmm...changed it back to mods and now it works fine. Only issues now are mod installation stuff I can figure out on my own. Thanks Giordano.
  7. C35Signal1

    LSPD Pack [ELS]

  8. C35Signal1

    Fatal error while starting

    My man. That worked - thanks so much.
  9. C35Signal1

    Fatal error while starting

    FWIW, I told RPH to not load the LSPDFR dll and I can actually get into the game. As soon as I try to load LSPDFR, it crashes. Fantastic.
  10. C35Signal1

    Fatal error while starting

    First time back in LSPDFR in a while. Clean install of GTA V, download LSPDFR & latest RPH anddd...nothing. Couldn't get RPH to hook in for whatever reason. Finally worked through that, and now it's giving me a "Fatal error" message right after something about "velocity limit removed", followed by a hard crash of GTAV. I loaded GTA V before trying LSPDFR. I'm running RPH as admin with Direct X 11, online vehicle check disabled, and forced windowed mode. No mods so far. I've also reinstalled LSPDFR and RPH to no avail. Any ideas? RagePluginHook.log
  11. the download page is missing for some reason but since updating to, LSPDFR is crashing when entering "forceduty" in the console. I tried reloading lspdfr plugin but got the same crash when I typed forceduty again. RagePluginHook.log
  12. C35Signal1

    Custom Visuals

    Looks great. The all blue lights look fantastic and the developer is responsive and helpful.
  13. C35Signal1

    Custom Visuals

    @TechEngage Ok, so I'm straying off the reservation here, but I liked how well the blue/blue lights worked on Captain's LSPD pack, so I tried to apply it to his Sheriff pack as well. I replaced the textures with files from your pack (although I did have to edit Captain's fed signal texture as I didn't see a similar one in your pack), and tried it to no avail. I only have blue coronas flashing from the top light bar and no leds flashing. One weird thing is the micropulse on all vehicles seems to be working with all blues. I realize this is taking your mod out of the scope of what it was meant for but I was hoping maybe you could point me in the right direction. I also changed the carvariations.meta siren settings from 15 to 14, but didn't see a change in the lack of flashing leds. Disregard all. I've learned enough to edit carcols in the sheriff's pack to fix my problems. The issue that prevented me from just using your carcols is that the sheriff's pack uses the fedsig valor bar. I ended up with lights all over the place before I figured that out.
  14. C35Signal1

    Custom Visuals

    I'm not sure what I did wrong but when switching to all blue lights, I still have red coronas (resulting in kind of a purplish/reddish color) flashing. I switched the vehicles texture files with no issue, so I feel the issue might be when I tried editing the carvariations.meta in mpvalentine2. Any ideas? I reinstalled and redid the vehicles texture replacement and it works. Not sure what I did the first time but clearly it was user error.
  15. either EUP or RDE is causing non stop crashing with my game. I've even uninstalled my mods directory and it's still happening. I tried the fix PieRGud recommended and no luck. Will not ever be trying this mod again.