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  1. peanuthead159

    2013 CHP Harley Davidson Electraglide

    After reading the "read me", I have concluded that the install locations are wrong, I have followed the "read me" and I have had no luck on finding the files to replace in the locations specified. I couldn't find the policeb model files in the location "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday9ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\" as sepcified in the readme. And I couldn't find the carvariations file in, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\Mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpvalentines2\dlc.rpf\common\data"
  2. peanuthead159

    2012 LAPD Ford Taurus Arjent

    Hey, I'm trying to install the files into GTA V... I've replaced the files in both possible folders the contain the police3 slot. every time I go into GTA V it never loads the new model, it shows the default model that Rockstar has in there... I need help. I'm also having the same issue with your Unmarked Chevy Suburban.
  3. peanuthead159

    Dutch Police Chopper

    Question: Why is this on the section, "vehicle models" and not vehicle textures? After all you DID put, "I have only made the skin on this vehicle..."
  4. GUYS! I just wantes to tell the community about the history of my PD! I didn't want to piggyback other topics, so I made my own!
  5. To answer your questions... I decided to do this as I thought it'd be interesting. And also my police department isn't corrupt anymore as you had stated. I'm describing HISTORY of my PD, not current day issues, since it's harder to be corrupted now probably due to the fact the town is no longer industrial... It is in fact, part of Waterford Township... My town within the township is Atco. Also withing the township is Louden, a small town that used to have its own FD and doesn't anymore as Waterford just claimed it as there own. Also my town has a big budget spending problem as the PD always buys new cars when we have 3-4 officers on a shift. and we have about... 15-20 cars... Mostly Crown Vics, 3 dodge chargers (2 Tactical response units, and one undercover... In case you didn't know, The tactical unit has M16s and a vest) and a local SWAT team comprised of Winslow Township, WTPD, and Berlin township... The Sheriffs department DOES have their own SWAT team, but we only call them in for "HOLY SHIT WE NEED MORE FIREPOWER" moments... And even then we don't really use that unit much...
  6. Ah yes... I remember the LAPD in one of my lessons... I learend it last year, and this year we're onto American Justice system for Adults and Juveniles.
  7. Hello, my name is William C. (My last name is confidential) I'm a sophomore at Camden County Technical Schools Glouscter Township Campus. I'm in the Law and Public Safety Program. Due to me still learning law, my credibility can be questioned at times. This is my police department, Waterford Township Police Department, based in my knowledge, from sources like my friend in the PD, a lieutenant, and archived info. My police department has an infamous reputation of corruption. This was a bad time, and leads me to believe that there was a lot of crime when my town WAS an industrial town. Over the years when the mob had subsided and was flushed out, my police department was still a bit corrupt but not as much.
  8. peanuthead159

    I really hope ELS doesn't come out soon...

    yeah... the voice is effective, but... American police departments like to use guns unnecessarily sometimes... I'm a student in law and public safety in my High School.. So my credibility can be a bit questionable at times... But American police departments should spend money on speech, and community relationship methods rather than teaching our officers to use guns... Especially in a small town like mine, where not much crime besides parking and speeding violations.
  9. peanuthead159

    I really hope ELS doesn't come out soon...

    Alright, good to know! I also love the way you guys police in the UK, how you guys only have a unit for weapons, and the rest of the officers have tasers, or sometimes no tasers at all...
  10. peanuthead159

    I really hope ELS doesn't come out soon...

    I agree with those who say GTA 5 can support the ELS. GTA 4 isn't all that stable for ELS. Also, the stability of it may vary based on your PC. GTA 5 is loads more stable however. My ALienware laptop can run very high quality ENBs for GTA 5 no problem, so I believe that ELS should be no problem. And to what Lundy said, I believe the light control was just to add to realism that police have to go through in real life. (I.E. They can press one button to turn everything on IRL, but if you rather go code 2, there's a specific lighting pattern, and not all lights flashing, then code 3 is lights in siren, and that's when all lights and the siren are used. Don't get mad if not all of this is correct, I'm tired, and my heads all bleh...)
  11. peanuthead159

    New Tow Truck Replacement for Police Radio

    Well, I am part of a law school... Anyway, you don't have to pay 60 dollars for new updates, the game does it automatically.
  12. peanuthead159

    New Tow Truck Replacement for Police Radio

    ok... What version of GTA 5 do you have? (Disc, or Steam?) or are you just a pirate... Which is illegal btw...
  13. peanuthead159

    Paleto Bay Bank Robbery

    This screen shot was unedited, and raw... The vehicle is a 1971 Dodge Palora with a Federal Signal Twinsonic lightbar. All vehicle credit to respected authors.
  14. Continuation of images from the news story