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  1. RestrictedArea

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience

    Yeah same. Have been wanting to go back to LSPDFR for quite some time now, but kept postponing it because I thought 0.4 was just around the corner. I didn't want to redownload GTA and mod an entire game folder and then having to start from scratch less than a month later. It's almost been a year. I do realise how long it takes for a mod this big to be bug free and have all the features that are asked for, but why the incredibly early announcement? Making the announcement so early just makes people lose their hype. It's like you just started coding when the announcement was made. Most games are announced half a year before launch, this modification took longer than that. In the meantime even longtime GTA youtubers quit playing the game. I know this is just all complaining, but I'd rather see much much smaller updates, like one single feature, each quarter/half a year than having to wait 3 years for a big update.
  2. RestrictedArea

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Pursuits & Intervention

    They already said they wouldn't add vehicles to the game and therefore no vehicle slots. You don't need RDE to do that, but you can use every add-on car mod you like.
  3. RestrictedArea

    Realism Dispatch Enhanced

    Thanks had an awesome pursuit involving multiple departments after your help
  4. RestrictedArea

    Realism Dispatch Enhanced

    Only air units seem to spawn on my end, i've seen like three gresleys while having a 5 stars wanted level for 5 minutes and those were the only ground units i've seen. Did a fresh install of GTA with LSPDFR, but didn't start via RAGEHOOK launcher
  5. Reloading reloading reloading
  6. 3.0 was uploaded on mediafire, think lcpdfr and gta5mods will link to that page
  7. looking forward to the release like anyone else but i wondered if you guys allow people to make seperate texture mods for your vehicles? Like say if I wanted to upload a new skin for the BCSO addition, am I allowed to upload it? and do you guys have templates for the vehicle models?
  8. Do you guys have plans for more addons apart from the retro dlc? (maybe security, thought TheF3nt0n's pack fit in really well with RDE)
  9. :( , still looking forward to the update tho, awesome trailer
  10. Will this ever be added? Would love to see some fat cops patrolling in San Andreas. More variation in ped models is kind of needed too imo so gta iv would be an excellent source
  11. RestrictedArea

    Traffic stops! Left shift and lights wont work HELP

    Are you using any car mods and in what slot do you have that car installed? I had this once when I had installed the carcols of a vehicle pack, didn't work until I had removed it from my game. And if you do not have it installed in a police slot it might not work until you have set it as a police car in the vehicles.meta good luck, RestrictedArea
  12. RestrictedArea

    LSPDFR in Liberty City?

    Okay, imo the OpenIV team is one of the best in creating mods. OpenIV has been around since GTA IV and has since then been the best way to mod your game with cars, peds etc. And now they are adding GTA IV's map into GTA V's. How cool is that. I know other modders have attempted this and or are still busy with making it, but having this team work on it makes it a lot better plus this is the first one I saw not needing a multiplayer mod or having to replace Los Santos or Blaine County. Liberty City will be added as a whole across the ocean San Andreas is in. The real question is will LSPDFR support Liberty city? I know that we have LCPDFR, but I prefer GTA V graphics and the game in general to IV. Would be cool if it added an entire fleet of base game LCPD cars and allowed you to have callouts in the streets of Algonquin. It's probably too soon to answer my question but I'm just really excited. for anyone who hasn't seen OpenIV's teaser yet: and more information on OpenIV's site: http://openiv.com/?p=1285