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  1. Cadabas

    AI TRAFFIC Fluidity & Discipline

    I will give his new version and 2.0.1 a chance
  2. Cadabas

    AI TRAFFIC Fluidity & Discipline

    So the truth of it is, this mod works as intended. However, part of the fun is dealing with traffic, for me that is. In that, I like to catch speeders and pull over erratic drivers while also dealing with minor traffic infractions. Therefore, I cant really endorse the mod for me. I have spent about an hour playing with it and like I said it does stop the crazy but cops can be cops without some crazy. If there was a way to make this mod work while at the same time keeping some deal of crazy it would be perfect. Hopefully you find a way because your work is not unappreciated but rather I cant enjoy it because it gets in the way of the style that I play. Most traffic on the highway was around 45mph. I will say this though the meta you included that makes "Big Vehicles" pull over to the side when you are code 3 is a must have. Best of wishes and I hope that you continue to work on this in light of my particular play style. I will check back and thanks again for the hard work!! Keep it up!!
  3. Cadabas

    Script Hook V not working

    Well kevman it took 8 days last time from the the time gta was updated until scripthook had updated so sit tight bud.
  4. Cadabas

    Changing component name

    Im sorry I guess I dont understand what you mean then. Good Luck!
  5. Cadabas

    Any ideas?

    You dont have the correct template in order to skin that vehicle. That's why your textures are misplaced.
  6. Cadabas

    Changing component name

    Learn how to edit the .ymt. Look it up online. Its not easy and quite honestly is a good deal of work but its possible.
  7. Cadabas

    Adding textures to police uniforms

    You need to find out how to decrypt the .ymt of the file you want and add another option for a accs_diff_... Its quite a arduous process and you need to look up how to edit the .ymt. Its a journey into lands you might not want to be in but its possible. I have added an extra shirt and pants to a sheriff uniform before however I dont think it wise for me to talk about how to decrypt files from rockstar. I will say this though what you want to do is in the .ymt what you need to do is figure out how to edit it. Once you do that you are golden.
  8. Halp, So look i know you all are going to post about Adjusting these four values will make the car faster: fDriveInertia Describes how fast an engine will rev. For example an engine with a long stroke crank and heavy flywheel will take longer to redline than an engine with a short stroke and light flywheel. Drive inertia formula TBD Value: 0.01 - 2.0. Default value is 1.0, or no modification of drive intertia. Bigger value = quicker redline fClutchChangeRateScaleUpShift Clutch speed multiplier on up shifts, bigger number = faster shifts fClutchChangeRateScaleDownShift Clutch speed multiplier on down shifts, bigger number = faster shifts fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel Determines the speed at redline in top gear. Setting this value does not guarantee the vehicle will reach this speed. Multiply the number in the file by 0-82 to get the speed in mph or multiply by 1.32 to get kph Value: 0.00 - 500.0 and above. But honestly this has not helped me at all get speed out of my police3 car. Literally I am stuck at 113 to 117 mph unless i hit a curb and get more speed from the revs. I have changed the values for police3 to the following: Even when I add more MaxFlat for top speed up to 400 I dont get more speed. I have tried using mod folder, i have even done the unthinkable and modified original, i even went into update.rpf/common/data instead of common.rpf/data. I dont know how to affect the speed. I saw something about downforce in some mods that increase the speed. I added that and it crashed the game. I'm willing to stream it post it whatever it takes I need to figure out how to get more speed out of police vehicles for a fivem server however I cant even test it on my game cause im not getting any results. I am at a loss honestly. What am I doing wrong. I know about https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/3842/tutorial-handling-meta I have read it multiple times. I am doing something wrong because every time I make a change I dont see any difference in the performance of police3.
  9. Cadabas

    Crash when trying to enter sheriff2

    @GlitchWolfNLD @The Loot I have found the solution guys. It took forever to find a specific post about a very minicule thing. However, I move like water. In any event, do not use <layout>LAYOUT_RANGER_SWAT</layout> set. Simply use the following <layout>LAYOUT_RANGER</layout> set I will not take credit for finding this fix. Thank you to @The Loot for pointing me in the right direction and to a gentleman that goes by the name of UserNameNotRequired. I have linked the post in the spoiler if you wish to take a gander. All I can say is, my problem is resolved. Thank God. Enter - Vehicle - Crash - Model - Fix - Sheriff2 - fbi2 - SUV
  10. Cadabas

    Crash when trying to enter sheriff2

    Mine says <layout>LAYOUT_RANGER_SWAT</layout> set. Still crashing. So mad right now.
  11. The sheriff2 is occupied by the tahoe located in the pack by thegreathah. The fbi2 vehicle is POLICESCO. The sheriff2 did not require a new meta however the fbi2 provided by policesco did. I made to sure to put it in the correct location. Im not sure what exactly is the issue, they are not older in my humble opinion but im just a noob honestly. I just find it weird that these are the only two that i have issue with. I had installed a mod that made dlc cars spawn regularly in the game. In that dlc (patchday 5) there is a sheriff3 that was created for a sheriff buffulo however i dont think that its related to this problem. Although it could have. I had even gone so far as to grab a custom gameconfig that adds supposedly allows you to have a lot of addons. This was after my issue however and ultimately did not fix my issue. Im stumped. Thank you for responding and if you have any other ideas please let me know.
  12. This happens to me and I dont have simple fuel installed. But only happens to fbi2 and sheriff2. All the other modded cars work. HALP please
  13. Is this the reason why my game crashes when I try to enter a vehicle that I have added in say fbi2 or sheriff2. Or is it a issue with the SUV models. Or has GTA created some way of monitoring or punishing the modding community. It def could be my ignorance but I have added the model to x64e and also the latest patch. All the other models work. Even those that came in the same pack as the models that crash. So confused. HALP lol
  14. Cadabas

    LSPD Pack [ELS]

    I have my trainer set to spawn me inside of the vehicle when I spawn it. I can spawn all the other vehicles and am put inside the vehicle. However, when i spawn the sheriff 2 I am not put inside the vehicle and as well when i try to get in the vehicle my game crashes. When i look at the ragelog it says something about null reference. Which I find odd seeing as how the vehicle spawn. Any ideas.