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  1. FlaviusCZ


    Absolutely stunning! I didn't expect to see more of your cars. I'm glad I was wrong. And please don't kill the NON-ELS version. Not everyone use ELS. Thank you.
  2. Great plugin! As other have stated, please consider making this compatible with Custom backup config.
  3. Please don't ruin this with ELS and keep non-ELS version available. The editable carcols is more than enough. A pair of grille lights (as an extra) would be perfect.
  4. FlaviusCZ

    LSPD Pack [ELS]

    As for the Chargers, there are too many lights on the front window and no grille lights. Other than that, looking good.
  5. FlaviusCZ


    This, Assorted Callouts and PeterUCallouts are the best callouts in the game so far. Thank you very much for making this!
  6. FlaviusCZ


    This, Assorted Callouts and LPCallouts are the best callouts in the game so far. Thank you very much for making this!
  7. Agreed. I find funny how people take pride in making real-life emergency vehicles and lightbars with accurate light patterns but with no coronas, which leads to the fact that lights are visible on a distance of barely 20 meters. So you need to search for non ELS vehicles using coronas, like all Bxbugs cars, Captain14 cars, latest BlackJesus cars and maybe a few others. With carcols being editable now, you can make nearly any light pattern of your own with these cars. I’m afraid with all the ELS mania, it will get worse and worse…
    It works well. Thank you!
  8. FlaviusCZ

    Emergency Lighting System

    Yes, you can use normal vehicles but it appears that ELS ruins lighting extras (switching lightbars, adding/removing grille light, dash lights etc.) on non ELS vehicles from default police Stanier to all other Bxbugs's cars. Which is bad!
  9. FlaviusCZ

    Lightbar looks terrible

    Install Radiance V.
  10. FlaviusCZ

    Lumpkin County/BCSO Mini-Pack

    Perfect and transparent. No need to say more.
  11. FlaviusCZ

    BCSO Pack (Spokane Co.)

    In FPIU 2016 the siren 6 (lightbar blue side light) needs to be moved closer to the edge of the lightbar. In its current position (near the middle) corona is not visible from the right side. Great car btw.
  12. FlaviusCZ

    BCSO Pack (Spokane Co.)

    Thank you @DefenderOfThisHouse
  13. FlaviusCZ

    BCSO Pack (Spokane Co.)

    Great cars! Does anyone know how to get rid of those red and blue lightbar edges?
    The quality is great to me, no problems at all. And thank you for the Manual 1, it's perfect.