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  1. The updater function still shows out of date. The reason for it can be that the newest version is set to and the file version to 1.1.
  2. @Destroyer11687 If your vehicle.awc file is more then 15.75 mb the sound gets muted. See if that is the case and make sure you keep the size limit.
  3. Great callout and it's just getting started. Think you can make the bar fight a bit more alive? With a crowd cheering? Also 2 persons, but like 5vs5 10v10 full head on bar brawl :)
  4. Good thinking. What you can do is make alternatives. This one is called original and then 10% more, 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% more. They can decide what works best or maybe built in a volume adjuster like sirenmastery. So you can up the volume trough ini or in-game. Nevertheless, great fucking mod !! Such minor attention to details make this experience come more to live !! Keep it up.
  5. Awesome mod. I think the volume should be higher tho.
  6. Did you read the my post 1 above you? It might have some solutions.
  7. Hey Pinda, A few pointers: - Make sure you have complete ownership of folder - Make sure you have read-rights on your folder - If this fails, there is one option that worked for me and other users. The steps to cleaning up is this: Make folder, named gta back-up I have attached a picture of the vanilla folder content. Make that all plugins, callouts and scripts are placed in the backup-folder. When you have cleaned the folder, it should just like the image Then run it, to make sure vanilla version is working When it's working download and install LSPDFR and Ragepluginhook Give it another spin to make sure LSPDFR is running with rage When it's working installe arrestmanager, traffic policer and smartpolice. When it's working, it should initialize everything and you can use it fully. When everything is working and you add other plugins, such as betterEMS, then next time the initialization will start for the new plugins, not old. This seems a bit of a hustle, but it's the fastest way to get it starting, because I have spend many time to troubleshoot without succes and that takes to many time. Also the update is available, which means you can't play LSPDFR, unless you have a backup. Let me know if you need further assistence. I see that you live in the Netherlands, me too, so language is no problem.
  8. @Albo1125 I really like this mod. Are you going to work on what @Asahammer addressed? I have followed your steps in the manual and it muted all of the AI sounds and Sirenmastery doesn't take it over. It would be nice to see it processed by the same effects as GTAV and that other units play trough sirenmastery. Thanks.
  9. No, it is not required. The way how it is suppose to work is f you install clean. You can do forceduty right away. You run first time installation. Then you hit force duty again and you go onduty, with the radio. What worked for me and others is to removing all your mods, so that vanilla files remain. Then download and install, lspdfr, rph, arrest manger, trafficpolicer, smart radio, better ems. Reinstall those and give it a spin. But make sure you have ownership over the folder too: http://winaero.com/blog/how-to-take-ownership-and-get-full-access-to-files-and-folders-in-windows-10/
  10. Did you take ownership of your folder? Did you try disabling your security (antivirus, firewall)?
  11. @Bribet Try reinstalling the mod. See if it fixes your proplem. Also 1 question. Did you adjust size or location of radio? @Jrock135 I think you have problem with ownership. Download: http://www.rizonesoft.com/download/ownership/ and take the ownership of Grand Theft Auto V folder. Also make sure all your files in that folder is writable. @rescue996 I don't see an error in your log. Can you specify the problems more detailed. I am assuming that whenever you install this mod, you have to initialize again. This happens whenever their is an option available, but not installed.
    I tried alternatives, but I keep comming back. This is by far the best visual mod out there with numerous options, used by many many youtubers, twitchers and livestreamers.
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