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  1. having trouble getting the siren to work, i replaced the file as stated in the readme but still no siren
  2. could you please help! im trying to get the lightbar all blue and having no luck at all i wanna keep the traffic advisor on the rear just turn the red to blue thanks!
  3. i use this and it crashes my game when trying to load car i change skin and no problem
  4. LOVE this model!! any way you could make a alabama state trooper skin? also how do i get bottom front right light blue also its red even with the all blue added? thanks btw awesome suv best yet!
  5. anyway you could supply with all blue lights for the lightbar? love the car btw
  6. I tried the car variation setting supplied in that pack but no luck...any specific car variation location? ?
  7. no this is all i get one center beacon rotating ? why doesnt the lightbar work?
  8. what siren settings do you use i just get single beacon flashing? how do i get lightbar to work?
  9. really needing some good alabama state trooper textures for charger and tahoe if you could come up with anything i would appreciate thanks!
  10. Anyway you could do a alabama state trooper texture??
  11. I used the auto installer thru open iv and where ever it put them its solid lol i even changed the model of the sheriff in x64e and patch3 and still doesnt change the model....thanks for the advice ill check patch8 havent looked there yet
  12. i downloaded BXbugs cvpi and UMcvpi they work awesome in game but the default Liveries show up...i go to open IV and it shows my skins i put in? lost as to how and where its overwriting them
  13. i auto loaded from installer in OPEN IV no problems cars are flawless only thing i cant get my skins to change while in game. they show up when i look up .ytd file but in game it only spawns and changes liveries that came with car im stuck??
  14. this is gonna be sweet!! anyway to make light bar all blue?? either way looks wicked nice job!
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