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    LSAWEAPON reacted to Sgt.Kanyo in Sgt.Kanyo's handling mods   
    The 2015 Charger handling has been released on the front page.
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    LSAWEAPON reacted to Cj24 in Cj24's Modifications   
    Made a short video of the lightstages of the cars from the pack, front view only though:

    I removed the dashlight because it was still partly visible if you replaced it with a transparent textures. If many people would like to have a dashlight as well, I could release an additional model with dashlight.
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    LSAWEAPON reacted to Kane104 in KevinDV's Modification Thread [WIP/REL]   
    Legal action isn't an option for me, even if I could I wouldn't waste my time on little children who can't feed themselves. I mod for the fun of it, its not a job, its a hobby that I do in my spare time.
    I'm not leaving if that's what some may think, I'll still do mods like the South African Police and the European cars. The main problem is that I put so much time and work into the Caprice and its honestly really disappointing for me to see all that hard work taken from me within a few minutes by some disrespectful ripper. People such as them call us selfish and unfair for keeping our work to ourselves, but after putting so much effort into something I believe that it is my choice to decide whether I'd like to give something out or not. The same goes for any modder, its what keeps those unique aspects in modding.
    In the past I wasn't really hit bad by the ripping saga, but now its gotten way over the limit. I've been taunted, pushed into a corner, and totally disrespected by Reckless to the extent where I refuse to make/release any more American style vehicles due to the risk of them being ripped and then leaked out by people such as him. He does credit, and seems to think that crediting justifies everything including the ripping. Most people wouldn't understand how it feels until it actually happens to them.
    Disrespect and thieves are the diseases killing the communities.