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    billc5123 got a reaction from Navytank in For the Love of God where is the K9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
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    billc5123 got a reaction from Mr.JonnhyCZG in For the Love of God where is the K9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
    Can someone please develop a K9 mod. Patrinus had one of the best mods and his K9 was awesome but he just isnt around or updating and the mod does not work anymore!!!!!!
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    billc5123 got a reaction from HomerS in An Air Ambulance?   
    Wilderness Callouts had this  , it was awesome but not sure its working with new update, can someone verify???
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    billc5123 reacted to shaner12 in An Air Ambulance?   
    I have a suggestion. It would be cool if someone could create a mod where there would be a serious (life threatening) car crash on the highway. You (the police officer) could radio in to the dispatch to request an air ambulance to land on the highway.
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    billc5123 got a reaction from CouthInk4 in Getting lspdfr crash when plugin loads   
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    billc5123 reacted to xSklzx Dokkaebi in Ragehook Issue "the File Exists" resolved please read   
    Thank you for providing the solution to others who may need it, it's useful so people don't double post already solved threads. 👍
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    billc5123 got a reaction from billiarboy in What has happened to the Great Mods of LSPDFR ??   
    Well because of these Rockstar Upadates it seems that there is a lot of mods that just arent getting updated and thanks to a few great modders who have continued to hang on and update, mostly scripts . This is pretty depressing.  I noticed its been a while since the new Ragehook has been out and only a few script updates. Lspdfr used to be loaded with scripts and updates were posted immediately after the Rockstar update.  Are people just giving up??. At this rate there wont be any mods updated and then a new Rockstar update. I hate Rockstar. I would have thrown this game away from boredom by now if it wasnt for Lspdfr and the modders who make it better. Save Us!!!!!
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    billc5123 got a reaction from purplepotatoes14 in OMG Please Help   
    Ok Arariel, confirmed firewall status is off.   problem remains
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    billc5123 got a reaction from alexguirre in Callout Plugins That are Working   
    Alexguirre, i reinstalled wilderness callouts after the post to give it another shot and all seems well now. Havent had an issue. Must have been file corruption or a fluke, thanks by the way for your great mods
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    billc5123 got a reaction from TheUniT in LSPDFR 0.2 Update - 12 July   
    Its funny, this happened with GTA IV, after the update it ruined the graphics and caused lag , ultimately it seemed a lot of people went to but we couldnt run lcpdfr on it. its like rockstar underminds millions of people for what??  They released a notice stating that they had no intention of blocking modders for single player but now im not sure. Sam has seen all the code so he would know.   Also can anyone tell m,e if thier whoile directory changed after the latest update because I lost all my mods and had to reinstall them. I wasnt sure if it was me or did this happen to others????
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