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  1. OfficerGermany

    Emergency uniforms pack - Law & Order

    It doesn't work too. I moved my mod folder and started with EUP. :(
  2. OfficerGermany

    Emergency uniforms pack - Law & Order

    You mean delete (or move) all files in the mods folder or update.rpf only?
  3. OfficerGermany

    Emergency uniforms pack - Law & Order

    @Roth Yes. But I tried without and with RDE. Without RDE, EUP doesn't work too. I have GTA version 1032 (Online 1.38), if this needed.
  4. OfficerGermany

    Emergency uniforms pack - Law & Order

    First I want to thank you for the EUP 7.5! But I have a problem: I removed the EUP 7.4, deleted the line in dlclist.xml and installed 7.5 with the OIV installer. It is installed, but it doesn't work ingame. I tried to reinstall the EUP, but it won't change. :( What can I do?
  5. OfficerGermany

    Lenco Bearcat Skin Pack

    Los Sanots? Do you mean Los Santos? Only the SWAT skin. It looks great :)
  6. OfficerGermany


    11/10 would use
  7. OfficerGermany

    NSW Sydney Taxi Ford FGX

    Nice model. One question: Is there any template? :)
  8. OfficerGermany

    MP Female & Male British Police Uniforms

    Looks good. Is this possible for male MP model? :)
  9. OfficerGermany

    Oh my love...

    Donut is love, donut is life. <3
  10. OfficerGermany

    Tower ladder on scene

    That is very f*cking nice. :33
  11. OfficerGermany

    San Andreas Highway Patrol CVPI

    Nice model... nice lightbar. :3 @Virzza I think this is a problem (see attachment). Is it possible to fix that?
    That's very nice. The valor looks very hot on a CVPI. :P Thank you for your model.
  12. OfficerGermany

    Dodge Charger 2015 LSPD.

    F5544, a master for GTA. Great model with a nice lightbar. :) This model look nicer than the other by KAMEL. Thank you for your projects. Don't stop your work.