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  1. TheHardGamer101

    Houston Area EMS livery pack

    H-Town is so under rated
  2. TheHardGamer101

    Seven years on patrol: an interview with Sam

    Happy Birthday and Thanks for everything
  3. TheHardGamer101

    Leftwood Police Department Mini Pack

    Love this pack, Keep making more
  4. TheHardGamer101

    IV Police Radio

  5. TheHardGamer101

    LCPDFR Youtube Patrols

    thank you, sorry about that
  6. TheHardGamer101

    LCPDFR Youtube Patrols

  7. TheHardGamer101

    Pensacola Police Department GTA IV LCPDFR Skins

    what about the car links please?
  8. TheHardGamer101

    Ultimate NYPD Bundle

    Geat Job!!!
  9. TheHardGamer101

    Profeet ENB

    oh ok
  10. TheHardGamer101

    Profeet ENB

    there is still black edges for me!! ugh
  11. TheHardGamer101

    Profeet ENB

    do you have a min specs list? very helpful!!
  12. TheHardGamer101

    Basic Police Laptop textures(with edited screens!)

    Very Cool!!!
  13. Great job, cant wait for release