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    Sure can!

    My "raw" folder is my online version, so when you want to play on that just change the name of the current "Grand Theft Auto V" and name the "Grand Theft Auto V raw" to "Grand Theft Auto V"
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    Nearing the end..

    I hope to release the bearcat tomorrow, 2/6/2016. If I can't however, then I will definitely release it the next day on 2/7.
    I finished making all of the LODs (L0-L3) using zModeler3's handy optimization tool.
    The windscreen also now cracks and shows bullet holes (just have to do that to the rest of the windows)
    The lights are also all in place now (On the first try too!), and I'll have a video before, or on, release.
    The last few things I have to do is tweak the collision model a little and fix any minor bugs I come across.
    A few more screenshots in the spoiler below: