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  1. Who else is almost tired doing this?
  2. May we know what part of "LSPDFR 4.0 coming Feb 2019" is unrealistic and inaccurate? I believe announcing a release date 45 days perior to the release is actually very responsible, short and realistic period! Please don't make illogical and thoughtful statement while LSPDFR team is working hard to get something done for all of us!
    Perfect amount of lights and nice interior, i gotta give u 5 stars!
  3. How about another preview before the release? Ha
    Gump, Please stop surprising us with these amazing releases
    Once again you've proved that being lazy is never good
  4. That would be a good "lunch" day as well, a big mac in Mcdonals and then lspdfr 0.4 haha =D
  5. I guess the only thing that has not been added into this mod is "Police Brutality" like some punching and kicking suspects stuff you know just kidding. Wonderful job guys and thank for all the efforts you put on this mod.
  6. Damn I hate those white hubcaps, Steelies are so gooooood
  7. How about with my GTX 1080 Ti and my new 34" 4K monitor?
  8. Isn't this just getting better and better?
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