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  1. How did you get the custom uniforms? My 4.0 didn't come with any but LSPD base
  2. where are all the uniforms? ONly base LSPD works. I have EUP, do I need the EUP Menu too?
  3. Alrighty, so I got an issue. Been using all your mods for years. Recently, however, when I go on duty and get in a car, the game crashes. I have narrowed it down to traffic policer. I have done a clean install of my game on a new hard drive, installed only traffic policer and it still happens. I've been using an old version of Traffic policer for the past day now and that works, however, it prevents smart radio from working since it's an outdated version. The issue only happens after I go on duty, whenever I enter a car. The game freezes and crashes. Anyway, I've searched through the Rage logs, to no avail, posted on the forums, etc. If you could help me out, that'd be great. EDIT: I also recently discovered that it crashes when I take out the Marksman Pistol, which I know is the radar gun by default. So I know it must be something to do with TP as a whole. The callouts work as far as I'm aware. But basically, anything else to do with TP seems to cause a crash RagePluginHook.log
  4. I was able to resolve the issue by using an outdated version of TP somehow. I'll message albo and see if he would know why. Thanks for the help
  5. So Traffic policer is pretty essential, but even with a full reinstall of my game, it still crashes it... I don't even know lol
  6. I discovered that the issue is traffic policer. I dunno what's up with it, but that's what is causing the issue.
  7. I already have, that's how I know they aren't the issue lol
  8. unfortunately, none of those are the issue. But thanks for the help anyway!
  9. Just installed some new visual mods, all works well, and the game was working fine before. But now, whenever I get in a car while on duty, my game crashes. When I'm off duty it's all fine, even with LSPDFR loaded. But once I'm on duty, I can't spawn or get into a car without the game crashing. I'm really not in the mood to revamp my game right now, so if anybody could save me the pain and thinks they can help, that'd be much appreciated! I don't think that this counts as "Problems with vehicles" since it is most likely a script or something causing the issue, that's why I posted here. Here's the log. I didn't find anything useful in it. RagePluginHook_11022018_060954.log
    Awesome mod, a few bits and pieces that need some touching up, but it's really awesome! Could do with some voice acting though if that's possible.
    The uniform is a fantastic short. I never thought of it being an intro, but it works so well. Thanks
    Hey... what program do I use to install? :P
  10. If it keeps re-updating the game after the revert, then turn off your wifi when launching the game. IDK, I have the retail version, and that's my problem & solution with updates.
  11. Hey, I know this isn't really LSPDFR problems, but I can't see any other support place to ask this. While updating my game recently, something got messed up somehow, and now my update.rpf file is gone. I was wondering if anybody has a copy of the most up to date version, I would really appreciate if you could upload it somewhere and send me a download, or redirect me to a better place to ask this question/solve this problem. It would really help. Thanks!
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