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82 GB Update????

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I dont know if its a error thats causing a loop, the GTA V update popped up to download 82 GB, i updated it, now every time i  starts RagePluginHook  the GTA V update  window comes up again for the same 82 GB, and RPH comes up with an error message too.       Anyone with this update problem?855485914_GTAV.thumb.JPG.2608b8b44eed84e6ce62c5e14476c8fd.JPG

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18 hours ago, frostburglaw said:

yeah. I have never seen that. I would help but I don't know what to do

Thats why iam not on here much doing mods, like some i agree, its getting boring, those who have their games up and running cant reach to others, its all good though...

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