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Rageplugin Hook working...but not...

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So I had to delete out all of my old files, uninstall the game, then reinstall everything. Since doing that Rage has been acting funny. Here is the issue: I'll launch the game via the Rage icon, everything seems normal and I get no error message, but then I am taken to the main screen where you can choose to go online or load the story. From here I am forced to tab out of the window, launch Rage again then wait to receive an error message about bad anti virus. If I tab back into the game from here and load the story Rage will load and run fine.


I have already tried turning on and off my anti virus as well as ensuring it has proper permissions for the firewall. Additionally, my modded folder is labeled "Grand Theft Auto V". Lastly, I have re-downloaded everything including RPH. Has anyone had a similar issue and know of a fix to this?

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Try starting the game by the normal launcher, then before the game window pops up but after the launcher goes away launch RPH. It should say "waiting for game window..." and then hook into it automatically when the game window pops up . Then from there it should skip the part where you choose story mode/online and load directly into story mode. This is how I do it with and have had no issues

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