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Reply with your CRAZIEST LSPDFR Story(ies)!

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Title says it all.


Let me start off with mine:

Was patrolling around when I saw a vehicle crash into a house and fell into a ditch, I pulled over, got out and decided to check on the subject, checked plates, ID, all come back with no flags, however I smelled alcohol in his breath, decided to do a breathalyzer test before calling an ambulance for him. I was standing right in front of him, expecting him to fail the test, then suddenly he pulled a gun out on me, while I was still right in front of him, I wasn't expecting that at all, my hands weren't even on my keyboard, then I just panicked out of the way while getting shot at the back like 3 times, pressed the panic button, managed to down him, now this time he really needed an ambulance. xD

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My reply from an old thread like this:


For me, this happened in the days of .95 RC3 (testers version). I was parked in the alleyway on Jonestown street in downtown Alderney, just northwest of the Plumber's Skyway entrance, in EVI's shiny new slicktop caprice. I had a K-9 as a partner at the time. I start hearing yelling, and a Spanish Lords member runs in front of me holding a pistol with another deputy right behind him. I jump out, press the hotkey for the K-9 and we get involved in the chase. I call for backup before rounding the corner heading north on Myung street, where I catch up with the other deputy about half a block away from the gang member.


My K-9 easily catches up to the suspect, and is about to jump when the suspect turns around and opens fire. The cop I am with and I start returning fire with Glock 19s as my dog retreats, and civilians are running everywhere. About 15 feet away to the left, the doors open up to a car and two more gang bangers jump out, one with a glock and the other with an uzi. We're heavily outgunned, have no cover and we're being flanked, when two backup units arrive from the south at the same moment the other deputy goes down. I sprint back to the cover of a sheriff's car, return fire and the two suspects go down.


The K-9 then sprints forward and latches onto the original suspect, making him drop his weapon. I arrest the suspect and call for a transport. I think this crazy situation is already over, but I was wrong. I turned around to start heading back to my car when I hear more gun shots. I turn around thinking it's the AI police being stupid and corrupt by shooting the unarmed suspect. However, two more gang members are firing at the remaining deputies to break out the original suspect. I start firing from a flanking position, and my dog goes down as well as another deputy. Then the original suspect gets a gun and joins his compadres. I call for more backup, as there are now only 4 deputies on scene including me. I get to cover again, return fire again, and more backup starts to arrive from the south and east. The remaining suspects quickly go down, littering the Myung street with more shell casings, blood and bodies than usual.


By the end of it, 5 suspects were killed, 2 officers were killed and my dog was killed also. All of it happened in about 2 minutes.

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