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.RAR File Download Instead of a Folder (IMAGE)

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Hello everyone and hope your day is going well. I am obviously new to LSPDFR and modded the main mods and a few plugins correctly after watching some tutorial videos. However were I am stumped is at the file download going forward. I seem to be running into downloads every time past the main downloads that I have being blank pieces of paper .rar files. Small file size and no folder when there is supposed to be large files and zipped folders with all the main stuff in them. Almost as if every file to download is broken, however I am seeing other people comment on the files they are fine and or recently updated files as well. This must be something on my end however I can not seem to figure it out. I attached a photo of the file, I can not open it as there is nothing to open.

I am having this issue with vehicles showing up like this, sirens, realistic gun sound mod, literally everything now for some odd reason. Game is running fine for long periods of time with no crashing, only scrip I slightly messed up is ESU for the NYPD uniform pack, can't seem to figure out my error as the torsos are missing lol

Any insight would be much appreciated, I am sure it's simple and silly on my end. I want to add a ton of stuff as I see even current youtubers are running successfully. 

Thanks in advance


My PC Specs:

Processor: i7 7700K

GPU: EVGA 1080ti FTW3

Motherboard: Strix Z270H Gaming

Memory: 32 GB Corsair Vengence DDR4

Hard Drive: 2 TB WD, 500gb Samsung SSD, 256 Samsung SSD


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TFS    1

Thank you @Cyan, seems I was confused, I seem to have some form of zip opener installed capable of extracting all the other zipped folders, I downloaded winrar for the .rar files. I thought it was all one in the same. I appreciate your feedback so quickly. I apologize for my lack of information and hope others may see this if in similar confusion on the matter. 

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