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ELS LED's flashing but lighting is odd, Plz Help

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I dont know how to explain my problem put here is what the LED's look like.


I have RadianceV, VisualV, Post FX on high, my car.default is on 6000 and 1500, I can't find any topics that solve my problem, please help


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Possible solution below: 

  • "Help, the lights of my car are flashing weirdly/seem to be misplaced!"

Once again, easy fix. I see it happen often with cars having to be installed in the police, police3 and sheriff slot, but it can happen in different slots occasionally. When lights are not flashing properly or seem weird, like lights appearing mid-air, floating over the car and so on, that means that you did not modify the carvariation.meta lines I mentioned earlier and that should be included with the car you downloaded. Simply follow the installation instructions provided with the car and you should be good to go. Scroll up if you want to know the reasons behind this.


 always try to read faqs etc... Hope it helps! or someone else can 🙂 

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