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[Req] Camera zoom script

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I had been watching Jeff's recent videos and noticed a camera zoom mod.  Did a little digging, and I found the fivem mod, but it's in fivem/server files, not .asi or ones we could use.  We all know that it can sometimes be difficult to read the plate from within our car.  It would be nice if we had the option of zooming in to look.  (Yes yes, I know, if you use Computer+ you don't need it, but roleplay purposes!)

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52 minutes ago, MrMeaf said:




Might require a little more work than what you're saying but those are a current option.

This seems like an easy thing to do so I'll hop on it and upload it when I do.


I saw Custom Camera V, but wasn't entirely sure if it had what I was wanting.  Thanks for doing this!

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