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Hey All ... Just looking for some advice

I purchased GTA IV and loaded it and encountered a Fatal Error

DD3D50 (Which I believe is telling me that I need a DirectX 9 Graphic Card)

I have an HP Vista that's been upgraded to Windows 7

Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU: E2220 @ 2.40 GHZ

4.0 GB Ram

64 Bit System

216 GB Free H/D Space

So the question is am I in trouble?

I'm on Disability so I have limited funds!

What advice would you give me on a cheap Graphic Card?

Thanx for any and all advice!


Thanx to All you Guys ... I appreciate the Help!


I'm not sure what Graphic Card I have

But I was wondering about a GeForce GT 520

It's about $75.00 so I realize it's extremely cheap but so am I ... LOL!

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Hmm, 4GB Ram isn't that much... It might will cause lag, maybe even on low settings.

And about the Intel Pentium Dual Core. I'd say take a Quad Core, then you'll be able to run it properly. GTA IV requires minimum 2, plus the fact there's always random software running while you play that will cause lag for sure. So I'd say; go Quad Core.

About the Error.. Don't really think it's due to an incorrect Graphic Card. I know some people who often have issues according to incorrect videocard, just requires a certain update. Don't ask me which one, google it, maybe that'll help.

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I think 4GB of ram is fine for GTA IV, I currently use 8GB, but my old rig ran fine great on 2GB.

And yes, the error means that a DirectX9 compatible card is required to play which, by the sounds of things, you do not.

What graphics card do you currently have?

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I just have to put this in... The statement "4GB of RAM isn't that much" is incorrect. It is still able to run all of your stuff. Memory sticks aren't very expensive, but if it works, I wouldn't worry about it.

Also, as to the two core vs. quad core, keep in mind the cost difference. The cheapest Intel Core i3 that I found from a quick Amazon search, a two core processor, is $99. The cheapest Intel Core i5 (also from a quick Amazon search), a quad core processor, is $187, double the cost of the two core.

Now, a half way decent graphics card will likely run you about $100. It's been awhile since I last had to look at them, so I'm afraid I can't provide more information than that.

A great website for looking at and getting PC parts is newegg.com. They usually have some pretty good prices. You can also try amazon.com.

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