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First and foremost, my apologizes if this is has been posted in an incorrect board. I am new to LCPD:FR (formally a Police Pursuit Mod user), and I am very impressed with the framework of this mod. I have just registered on the forums, but to my disappointment, 'Callum' was already a registered name. After inspecting the profile, it seems they have registered, done nothing with their profile, and have never used it since. I was wondering if I would be able to either have my name changed to 'Callum', and the current deleted, or both our accounts be deleted and I can re-register.

If this is not possible, I understand, it would just be nice since the current 'Callum' is totally pointless.


Callum Dawson

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Your only option is the one described by Tom H, we won't change the name of any user simply because someone else requests that name, usernames works on a first come, first serve basis, that user registered before you, so he will have that username until the account is closed, whether or not the user is active or not does not matter.

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