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Quick Fix to Latest update. Retail only and only if it hasnt been updated already

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Hi all, I just thought I would post my quick fix to combat the latest GTAV update that is affecting so many RH and LSPDFR players.


Setting your Firewall first.

1.Go to control Panel and select firewall.

2. Go to Advanced settings and select Outbound Rules

3. Select New rule and find the GTAV Launcher in the (C:\ Program Files, RockStar Games Folder)  Select GTAVLauncher.

4 Follow the instructions to disable the Launcher.

5. Then you will be able to Block and Unblock the connection for every time you want to play GTAV_LSPDFR.




1. First of all you need to make sure that you set your firewall up to prevent the GTA launcher from going online to update. (Please see above)

2.Make sure you have the Automatic log in check box selected on your GTA launcher as you can only play GTAV offline with that checked.

3. All you need to do is disconnect your internet cable from the back of your PC or lap top. Then set your firewall to allow the GTA launcher.

4. Start RH as you would normally and then you will get the message that GTAV doesn't have a connection to the internet and then just select play Offline and bingo you can play GTAV-LSPDFR

5 Once you have finished playing and you want to go back online set the fire wall again to stop the GTAV launcher from going online and updating then plug your internet back in to go back online.


I hope this helps a few of you out and this method is for retail only and for versions of GTAV that haven't been updated already.


Many Thanks and all the best.



I have just been adviced by Azteco that you should make sure that you have come out of the game and it has shut down completely and that you have the firewall blocking GTAV plus giving it a couple of minutes before you attempt to go back online so I just thought I would let you guys know that as well. Nice one Azteco appreciate the help and advice!!! All the best mate.

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