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Need help. LSPDFR won't run

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Hi there. Just bought GTA V and downloaded it directly from the Rockstar Homepage. Unfortunately I am not able to run LSPDFR. I downloaded the 

  • LSPDFR 031 Manual Install.zip

    47.1 MB

and unzipped it to my GTA 5 folder which I created before. After that I downloadet the newest RagepluginHook and also unzipped it to the main folder. Then I run the RagepluginHook application as administrator. The rage-screen shows up and it tested my system for the necessary programms. after that it opens the rage setup and I acctivated the box "load all plugins". When I save and start the game it seems to me the "normal" game is started and I end up in the standart game menu. When I open the task manager rage is not running, only the standard game (the green V is shown). I don't see an error in installation. Below is a screenshot from my GTA V folder. Appreciate your help. 

Screenshot (9).png

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If you literally only just got GTA V then you will have the newest patch as well which will have broken all mods until RagePluginHook has been fixed. Nothing you can do but wait.

Also I've moved your topic.



Your thread has been moved to LSPDFR Support Requests as it is not a LCPDFR Support Request. 

GTA V Mods: [WIP] More Control V [WIP] CalloutsV [WIP] LSPDFR Chroma
GTA IV Mods: [REL] Callouts+


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