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Another crash issue.

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Okay so we all know that crashing can occur from ELS whenever there is enough going.

But is there a way to solve this? My game runs fine on all high settings and everything, but if i call in for back-up in a police chase, whenever we get the suspect's car stopped and all the police cruisers start rolling into the same area, my game crashes and says it has 'stopped working'.

Is there a way to solve this without disabling ELS for me or AI?

Any help is appreciated.

System Specs (if this has anything to do with it);

3GB RAM (GTA only uses 2 maximum on my PC with windows 7).

Direct X 11

Alienware Aurora

Windows 7 Home

GeForce GTX 550 Ti Superclocked

Intel Core i7 CPU 3.20 GHz (8 CPU's)

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Instead of modding regularly spawned vehicles such as "Police" or "police2", mod cars such as "noose" or "fbi" Even those these still spawn they are not as common and therefore less likely to crash your game.

Also open the ELS.ini and disable AI SP. This means that only your car will have working lights and other cars driven by the AI will not. This will usually solve the crashing as well.

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