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how can i fine the handling lines to change them so my cars wont flip when truning

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It should be in the readme or the download. Open up your GTA directory, head to Common/Data then right click "Handling.dat" and select "Edit".

Then copy the handling line from the readme and place it in the handling section for that vehicle.

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Or go to Sgt. Kanyo's handling topic and find all the damn handling lines Sgt. has. They are the damn best handling lines ever.

And to install, do what Tom said.

Your directory/Rockstar Games/GTA IV or EFLC/Common/Data/handling.dat.

Open it with Notepad or something similar, find the car (ex: POLICE 2), after that, copy the handling line, delete the original one, and paste the new one in the handling.dat file. TBOGT, TLAD, and IV have different handling.dat's as they each have different cars.

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