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Hostile spawned everywhere

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Hi Everyone

i've just installed lspdfr yesterday and every plug-in seems to work fine but there is one problem. When I get on duty, there are hostiles in spawned everywhere and started shooting at me for no reasons and when I kill them they keep respawning. They're always spawned in a calvacade. Also when I call for back up, they don't pursue the suspect, they just appeared in front of me.

I don't know how to fix it. Did I do anything wrong?


Here are some pictures I screenshot

All plugins loaded 




Here comes the hostiles from nowhere




Started shooting



I killed them, you can see the new one spawned in the map



This keeps going on even when i'm on missions




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download 100% save and it will stop ;) i had this problem too that gangster was still attacking me in los santos but after i downloaded 100% save it stopped


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Are you by any chance in the storyline bit where Trevor kidnapped Madrazo's wife and as a result he and Michael can't go into LS? Because this looks like the hit squads Madrazo sends after you if you do go into the city.

If you are indeed at that storyline bit, play on for a little longer so they're no longer exiled or what @lok899cz did.

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