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OK, so ignore my previous thread which is a different (but in the same realm) idea. It was full of other now irrelevant information as well but I cannot delete it :^)

Anyway, I'm going to preface this by saying I am making this tool anyway for Federal Callouts (and whatever other plugins I make, when work decides part time < 40 hours)

It's going to be similar in some aspects to Albo's troubleshooter but a bit different in terms of functionality.

It's probably going to to be FOSS (as long as there aren't any issues with using third party libraries like RPH and LSPDFR which I am pretty sure there aren't, someone mentioned it though). I want it to be FOSS so that if another author wants to use it then they can just bundle a working version of it in their plugin and not worry about license / attribution / etc.

The goal is to create a tool that can be bundled with plugins that help users make sure they're installed correctly but also help us, the developers, in helping the users more quickly and efficiently.

Here's what I want it to do:

  • Dynamically load plugin specification XML files that contain plugin name, (maybe version), ID, and the files the plugin has. These specification files will be automatically generated (except for name & ID, and when I get to it a dependency field [with library version number]).
  • Make sure all files are in the right location & exist
  • Check for updates of plugins (this will be done outside of the game)
  • Make sure LSPDFR is installed correctly (this is a maybe - albo's tool already does this so it's not high on the priority list)
  • Provide the user with a GUI for editing ini files with minor input sanitation to make sure they don't put words inside integer values or integers in booleans etc (this is medium priority, it'll probably be specified in the plugin specification XML but will not be mandatory)
  • If the user still has trouble, they can automatically generate a debug html file that will have their RPH version, their RPH.log, LSPDFR version, game version, OS, and will log all plugins. They can then simply attach the HTML and the developer can open it for easy viewing.
  • Be completely dynamic so support for other plugins can be added by the plugin without needing to recompile the tool
  • Maintain backwards compatibility as best as possible. Ex. a plugin that doesn't get updated but has an older version bundled (and the user accidentally overwrites the newer version) will still work with newer specification files as best as possible.

I'm hoping to upload it to GitHub Tuesday night but it might end up being closer to Friday.

It's going to be written with WPF as of right now

The idea right now seems OK but I am looking for ideas on how to make it better. I also need a cool hip name for it (other than "Configuration Tool" lmao) :~)


oh yeah the point of this thread was to see if there was any interest in people contributing / using, if not I won't bother with github

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