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Policeold2 exchanged for CHP

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Hey guys,

I've modified my LSPDFR so that when I request back up for state or in the country side as well as Sheriff I also get Policeold2 which is a CVPI CHP This One


However, it's still using the same lights as the old car and the new car is LED light bar. Can anyone else me with resolving this please?


Many thanks!

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There are a lot of threads in this subforum about emergency lights not working quite right with modded cars.

The solution is always in the file carvariations.meta (any will do, I believe) - you should add/edit the lines there so that the sirensetting value is the correct one for your car. It's supposed to replace "sheriff", so the correct sirensetting value should be 13. Read more about carvariations.meta here 


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