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Ok what happened to LCPDFR!! I havnt played LCPDFR in over 4 months and now when i go to  "mods" and click "gta v" mods its showing lspdfr! ok thats for gta iv not V so when i download that and try to play it doesnt work because LSPDFR is for gta Iv so please someone give me a link to download the LATEST LCPDFR FOR GTA 5 THANKS!

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the mod has been released for both GTA IV and GTA V, they're marked accordingly.

LCPDFR = the GTA IV modification

LSPDFR = the GTA V modification

Like the user above has pointed out. They're also located in the appropriate section in the download as LCPDFR is under the GTA IV modification section and LSPDFR is under the GTA V modification section.

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