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    Los Angeles

    I think the speed is a bit too fast and I don't like how the taillights don't flash (at least they don't flash on Bxbugs/Carper's charger). I like the light speed but it's just a tad too fast. It'd be cool if you added wig-wag headlights as well, at least as an option.
  2. You'd need to ask the modeler to add ingame plates to the model, which isn't hard and not doing it is typically just a stylistic choice. I'm sure they'll oblige if you ask politely.
  3. 585ny14603

    I do not know what to do here

    Alright, just saw the "877.1" and figured that it was newer than ragehook's last version that supports up to 877
  4. 585ny14603

    I do not know what to do here

    You are playing with an unsupported GTA 5 update. You need to downgrade your GTA 5. This may not be possible, so you will probably have to wait until RAGE Plugin Hook is updated.
  5. 585ny14603

    TmBB101s Mod Showcase Videos

    I wonder what your favorite song is...
  6. 585ny14603

    LCPDFR 1.0c, 1.0d, 1.1 Errors

    Try going through your redistributables and reinstalling them, so the net redistributables and all the C++ ones as well.
  7. 585ny14603

    Russian Dispatch background

  8. 585ny14603

    Connecticut State Police CVPI Texture

    Who cares if you don't like the car, Connecticut troopers have some of the best benefits in the country. It's not just a take home car, it's a personal car. You can literally use it for whatever you want (obviously not illegal things) and you can get gas (for free) at any state police station in the state. They also have been voted the best uniform in the country three times. Definitely outweighs the simplicity of the car. Thanks for making the skin but what I think would probably be the most accurate is just install a Connecticut license plate from that 50 states mod, and then create your own car color in the trainer.
  9. 585ny14603

    New York Sheriff

  10. 585ny14603


    And what about customization options?
  11. 585ny14603


    Featuring @Prophet's Memehancer
  12. 585ny14603


    I really like it at nighttime, but in the daylight I feel like there's a sharpness filter on everything. Initially I thought it was a bit bright and saturated in daylight but it definitely seems more realistic now.
  13. 585ny14603

    New York State Police