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Tactical vest and smoking animations

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Help me please as apperently I am missing something obvious...

Does anyone know if it is possible to equip a tactical vest for your character instead of the duty belt when going on duty? Apparently the default duty belt models with and without the gun in the holster are being forced onto the character based on the state of the handgun so any other accessory options do not stick to the ped. But some of the non player cops wear the vests even though the ones with belts do have the same pistol not in holster feature as the player cop so it appears that it is possible to make it work somehow. Do I need to change a setting somewhere or something else of that sort to enable my own ped to wear other accessories?

And another question of similar sort. I am pretty sure that at some point prior to the release of the latest version I saw smoking cigarettes being advertised as one of the ambient things you can do in game. How do I do it? And is it possible to wander around with a cup of coffee in your hand like cops by the central station do without actually drinking from it constantly?

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I am talking about vanilla uniforms and gear.

I can put it on with a trainer but the problem is it does not stick to the ped because the duty belt model spawns as soon as a gun is drawn. It seems to be a part of the hand on holster feature that is supposed to change the accessory model between the gun and the no gun belts depending on the current state of your gun.

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