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Request for 2014 Pierce Velocity Pumper (Fire Engine)

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I'm looking for a modeler to make a good looking model of the following fire engine:


I can make the textures as long as I'm provided with the vehicle templates, I'd like to request that the model come with 8 ('eight') default skins so that I may create the 8 trucks as textures. 31, 32, 33, 34, and I think you get the point.

I can provide more high quality pictures as needed to assist in modeling, considering the fact that I work at Klein Fire Department. 

If this can be done I'd be looking for someone to make a model of our ladder truck as well.



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Our site is not for others to make money off, other than donations. If someone does creates the model in your request, it'll need to be public in our downloads system and you can donate to the author there. 

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