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LCPD 0.3 (GTA V) Bug - Texture pop in

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40 minutes ago, Herons2 said:

Hello, after installing GTA LSPD 0.3, the textures of my game are carrying,



Does anyone know how to fix this?

P.s: I have the latest version of the plugin hook rage

I had this issue once before. It was actually due to a Ped Skin Texture believe it or not. All I had to do was reverify the integrity of game cache for GTA V through Steam. *Disclaimer: Doing this will revert all visual mods, vehicles, pedestrians, sounds, and textures back to the vanilla GTA V. You'll need to reinstall any of those mods if you wish, but first make sure the game works without them. This will NOT mess with LSPDFR, or any Plugins/Scripts. No need to reinstall those. This will take up to 30 minutes, but generally only takes about 10 minutes. Hope this helps.

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