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Police Radio Mentioned In Feature Guide

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The 0.3 feature guide mentions Police Radio, is this in relation to Finkones mod or does LSPDFR now have its own?

Interaction & Police Radio

  • Added donuts, candies and E-Cola to the interaction menu
  • Speech actions are now grouped under one menu item
  • Added the ability to clear nearby roads to the Police Radio
  • Added the ability to set yourself as available for callouts to the Police Radio
  • Animations are now grouped under the Action menu item
  • New ambient animations can be performed when walking and idle
  • Added hand-on-holster action when armed with a pistol
  • An animation is now played when unholstering the stun gun
  • Vehicle Engine option now defaults to 'always on'

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1 minute ago, SteveQ said:

Ok so it's referring to the menu key?

it is referring to the police radio in the interaction menu shipped with LSPDFR. 

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