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Secret Sneaky Rockstar Patch?

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So all my mods were working fine until yesterday when my game started downloading a small MB patch (I have now backed up, and have a separate directory). Is this just my game or do no scripts or plugins, I repeat NONE, Ragehook or Scripthook, neither work. Nor with an update or re-installation of both? The game launches fine but with no mods, no console, no nothing.

If anyone else is experiencing this then let me know. Be advised I believe this is STILL 1.30 or whatever, just a sneaky patch from Rockstar.


Anyway if anyone could provide their backup (IE GTA5.exe GTA5Launcher.exe and the update folder that would be great).




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2 minutes ago, OfficerSunsetShimmer said:

I never got a update. Seems quite strange.

I'll copy over my Online installation and see if Ragehook works with that.

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48 minutes ago, PHiLLYFaN20 said:

i never got one either im playing with all my mods just fine

Nope, same thing. Copied over a clean install I use for online. It's like it isn't even installed. No Rage loading screen or anything. *Sigh. Guess I'll wait until a new Ragehook update.


Also just for the matter of troubleshooting would anyone be able to provide the update files I provided earlier or know the last Ragehook version to support 1.30?

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