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HOW TO: Make 4k textures!

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Hey everyone.

So I´ve recently seen lots of people mess up there skins (esspecially the lines!).. I´d like to see people release they´re best content to the community and not some blurred shit on wheels. Thats why I´m making this tutorial. So lets get started.


Get a good editing program! Programs like Paint.net or Gimp are easy to use and free. If you really want to have it easy I like any other dev would recommend photoshop (even I still use Paint.net often). Most of you already knew this but I decided to trow this out anyway.


Do your research people! Research the department that your basising your skins of. If you dont take the time to do this your gonna mess up some little thing that might prevent you from getting your much wanted 5/5 reviews.


Always make your skins 4k! Even when you´re trying to make 2k skins, start with 4k. You can easely make 4k skins by resizing the template to 4096x4096.


NEVER make a smaller image bigger NEVER! It will get all blurry and messed up.


Make sure your pack is complete and atleast includes: proper taken screenshots, more than 1 skin, good up-to-date credits and a proper readme.


Release the pack and hope for the best..


If you have the access to both photoshop and paint.net use them both. Photoshop is great for the quality of the image and the overall sharpness. While Paint.net has a simple but better lining tool then Photoshop (in my oppinion). Also a pretty handy feature with Paint.net is its copying tool. Whenever you copy something and paste it to another image it puts it on the exact same spot as it came from.

Hope I helped some of you guys. Now no-one has an excuse to screw up there lines.. 

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10 hours ago, Illusionary said:

Please tone down the language when writing up a tutorial next time. Also, moved to the correct section.



This topic has been moved to the appropriate forum. Please post in the correct location in the future.

Yeah sorry about that, changed it up though.

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