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Smoother backup cleanup when callout/pursuit ends

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Right now when you call code 2/3 backup, the AI officers arrive, run around, then when they think it's good to go they hop in their car and ride off. When you call pursuit backup, the moment all red blipped suspects are in custody the AI officers take off quickly. This isn't very realistic - in a real pursuit situation officers would remain on scene as things get cleaned up and investigated. 


It it would be nice to have a way to hold and release responding backup. Perhaps just an extra option on the backup menu for "release backup" would work, or a key press. When a pursuit was over you could press that when you're ready to let backup go. With code 2-3 it would just let you mark when you're done with the backup. 

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That is an amazing idea. I had the same thoughts at some point. I also don't like when you call code 2/3 backup, the vehicle they arrive in disappears when you look away and look back. Even if you are close to it. Sometimes i'll move the backups cars to block a road, but the minute I look away, they are gone but the officers are still there walking around :/

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