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Upcoming Canadian Siren Sound Pack Update!

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Hello everyone! The upcoming v1.4 update for the siren pack will not only fix any of the sirens that sound quiet compared to some others/or have muted sirens when going over 15.75MB in size of vehicles.awc but will also include several new sirens to play with such as the Whelen Howler for both Ambulance and Police cars, Whelen Alpha/Federal EQ2B combo for the Fire Trucks, Whelen 295/Whelen Q+Powercall for Ambulance, Federal Signal PA4000 for the police bikes, and more!

So far, I have the Whelen Howler police version ready and the Whelen 295/Whelen Q+Powercall almost finished. Expect the update to come out in less than two weeks.


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On 3/21/2016 at 2:57 AM, Trasheater said:

Its too bad 1.4 never came out :sad:

You're right. It never came out. On the other hand the Canadian Siren Sound Pack will not only have a major overhaul but will also have brand new sirens in the sound pack. The overhaul will come out later this year. ^^

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