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Jack random car if on foot

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Currently I am using the following code to attempt to force my ped to get into the closest vehicle when they are on foot:

            foreach(Vehicle v in World.GetAllVehicles());

                if (myPed.IsOnFoot)
                    myPed.Tasks.EnterVehicle(v, -1);

So far the ped reenters the starting vehicle, immediately get out of the starting vehicle and then runs away, never again attempting to steal other vehicles.

What I want the ped to try and do is steal any nearby vehicle if they are on foot. Can anybody help me out here?

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The code you have given is not complete enough to assess your problem.

I suggest adding a .WaitCompletion() after the task, like so:

myPed.Tasks.EnterVehicle(v, 10000, -1).WaitForCompletion(); 

This will wait till the task finishes and times it out after 10secs.

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