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Modded Vehicles and Police Peds conflicting LCPD:FR

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Hey guys,

Surely this would have been addressed before and I have searched but honestly the search bar isn't that helpful when this issue could be named in hundreds of different ways haha.

Anyway, for somer reason all modded police assets such as vehicles, and police uniforms somewhat freeze the 'choose uniform/car scripts'. It doesn't literally freeze the game it just stops keys from working as if it cannot load the mod?

This is the first time I've used LCPD FR, I have modded for years so it's nothing on the basic mod installation end.


My basic vehicle and ped mods that cause this (all mods cause it though) are:


LCPD ESU SWAT Ped - Downloaded from LCPD FR

Bearcat Noose - Downloaded from LCPD FR.


Im assuming there is some sort of installation step I have missed.



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It is recommended that you do not use modified ped mods with LCPDFR. Even i had issue of keys freezing up/game crashes with ped mods, so, i use the default ones. Although modified cars should work just fine. Try playing LCPDFR without any mods whatsoever i.e. with a clean installation; if it works fine then there is no error on the installation end.



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